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Cyber Attack Hacking Token Pack


The pack includes the basics of what you need to run a server side hacking encounter. Included is a multiple color set of isometric floor plans. The plans are laid out in a non-linear grid so that you can design different systems and architectures with the same maps.

If you are playing a system that uses movement and location as part of the hacking rules, a version of each map with a grid is included.

In addition to the maps is included a node map pack with icons for different possible net encounters. There is a pass code lock, open and locked files, trap or virus, controls node, and a link token to show how your map connects to each other.

Using the floor sets and tokens you can create a quick hacking mission, or even build one as you go. With thousands of possible combinations between the different tokens, links, and colors, hopefully no server looks exactly the same!

Pack Includes:

  • A multiroom isometric map in 4 colors, each color has grid and non-grid version.
  • 5 Hacking node tokens including a trap/virus, controls, open file, locked file, and code lock token. All tokens in two colors.
  • 2 Link token in two colors. One flat and one isometric to connect the floors of the map.
  • All maps and tokens are watermark free.


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