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To Catch a Magician. A cyberpunk one shot adventure.

When the best magician in the city decides to start making bank accounts disappear, she takes from the wrong people and needs to perform one last big trick.

How to use the Singularity Method for Fast World Building

The singularity method gets its name from its starting point. Imagine or choose the single most impactful element of your world to be. This can be anything from a natural occurrence, a system of magic…

How to Import Custom Maps into Fantasy Grounds Unity

With the release of Fantasy Grounds Unity, the systems surrounding the maps and images was significantly updated. While there are more options for maps, Importing them is still an easy process. The fi…

Cover image with a man on a horse on a battlefield in the background and the title Running Large Combat Quickly.
How to Run Large Combat Without Slowing Down the Game

After running a modern TTRPG campaign for over a year, one specific issue kept popping up in our table’s stories that was difficult to manage. Combat with large groups of NPCs.

Trying to Remember That One NPC? | NPC Cheat Sheet

The sheet works in two ways, as a prepared reference document and as an organized note sheet during the game.

How to launch your science fiction TTRPG campaign into space with a bang.

Below are lists of reasons to get off world, methods, and things that go wrong. Roll on the lists or pick the ones that interest you.

Marketing Plan: A cyberpunk one page adventure.

A weapons manufacturer is looking to start marketing its latest release, and they have hired you to demo the inventory on the street. Welcome to being just another line on the Solus ARMS marketing pla…

Cyberpunk RED Adventure: The Specimen from Archipelago Station

“A few days ago, we lost communication with agent Walker, who was aboard the E13 station in the  LEO Archipelago system.” The heavy sound of the outdated cybernetic breathing assist system hissed as h…

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