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About Us

The Story So Far

Like most of these stories start, we began playing table top RPGs more than twenty years ago in friends basements, huddled around kitchen tables, and on bedroom floors.

Years later we found ourselves working and running games at the local comic book store and discovering a much wider world of table top games. Creating new characters, new worlds, and new stories became an everyday hobby and years later the passion has never waned and the enjoyment never dimmed.

Over the years the table top hobby has grown in popularity, new creators keep designing great games, and there is more excitement than ever to jump into unbelievable worlds and craft breath taking stories.

Now our enjoyment for the games have led us to start sharing our work with story tellers, game masters, and players in hopes that everyone will be able to create their own great memories and life long friendships.

No matter if you have been running a game for decades or you are about to run your first, you run one shots occasionally or have an adventuring epic every week, we create the adventures, characters, stories, maps, modules and aids to help fill your game and tell a grand story.

We want to help you enjoy the game even more!

Science fiction, cyberpunk, and futuristic worlds have been a staple of the story telling and gaming world. Here you can get the maps, aids, and creative content to help reduce the preparation time and increase the story breadth for your games.

We release new maps and aids regularly, averaging two new maps for use in your game each month. In addition we consistently release other helpful items for game masters such as map assets, characters, tables or stories, so check back often so that you don’t miss anything.