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Sewers of Rage – A Cyberpunk Gig

Violence, corporate abuse, and mutant rats. A corporate scandal guaranteed to sell papers. All that’s missing is proof.

Game Setup

This mission offers you the framework to the story, but it is up to you as the GM to flesh out the characters, fill in the world, and react to the crazy things your players will inevitably think up. In order to make your playthrough easier, read through the adventure ahead of starting.

Skill Checks – For each skill listed below, determine what skill in your game system best represents each one to use. These will be used throughout the mission.

Lock PickChemistry

Each skill is listed with a difficulty rating of Low, Average, or Hard. Determine what those values are for your system based off the description below.

Easy – Most players with any skill will almost always succeed.
Average – Players with low skill will sometimes succeed, players with high skill will often succeed.
Hard – Players with low skill will almost never succeed, players with high skill will sometimes succeed.

Skill Challenge – Each player chooses a skill applicable to the scene and describes how they are using it to assist the challenge. If 50% or more of the players succeed their skill roll, the team succeeds at the challenge.

Below is a list of items, characters, or locations that you will need to create or pull from your game system of choice.

Gyn Tramble (Slipstream Reporter)Junior reporter for Slipstream Media.
Leon Skalda [Technica Organica President]Leon has been acting president since the death of the company’s former leader.
Jarrl [Former Military Cyber Psycho] –  Jarrl will attempt to resist getting violent, but every attack, gun shot, or aggressive action triggers a chance for Jarrl to succumb to psychosis. (Heavy Shotgun, 2x Grenades
The Purifiers [Anti-Cybernetic Gang] – Will attack anyone with cybernetic implants.
The Mutant Alligator is very strong and has a very tough hide, but is slow in water and very slow outside of water. Two attacks: Bite (Average puncture damage), Roll (Average blunt damage)
Mutant Rats have high agility and tough skin, but only do minor puncture damage with each bite or scratch.
The value of a standard Small Job Fee.
Damage types: Blunt, Electric, Puncture


A string of violent crimes has occurred in the Corporate Autonomous Zone (also known as the CAZ, or CAZbah) around the Technica Organica (TO) bio-prosthetic plant.

Gyn Tramble, reporter for Slipstream Media, has received a tip from an inside source that chemicals being dumped into the sewers by TO is causing the aggression, and possibly even worse…

Now Gyn has hired the crew to investigate the TO discharge into the city sewers and bring back enough evidence to convince her editor to print her story.

Background – Technica Organica

Technica Organica (TO) is bio-medical megafirm specializing in organically grown real tissue appendage replacements. The firm advertises that they grow all of their replacement body parts from genetic donors. In addition to creating the parts, the company has hundreds of clinics that perform all of the replacement surgeries.

The company headquarters is a large 164 floor super-scraper in the city. Leon Skalda is the acting president of the company who has avoided any media attention.

The company’s media relations department has created an “artificial organics” campaign touting the safe and humane replacements. They have repeatedly denied rumors that Technica Orgnica uses black market body parts.

Job Offer: Gyn Tramble

Gyn Tramble has been working on a large expose of TO for the last few months. She has been exploring multiple rumors about the company, but her latest tip has directed her to the violent crimes that have been occurring near one of the sewer water treatment stations.

The players can learn about her job offer through either an already existing contact or a deep net job posting. For a change of pace have the players attacked on the street by an angry street urchin. The next day Gyn will reach out to them to get their story and after talking will offer them the job.

Information Bits:

  • The job is to investigate the Corporate Autonomous Zone (CAZ) sewers section between the water treatment station and TO headquarters. This section will allow the team to investigate the water quality before it is cleaned. She will provide the team with three test tubes to collect samples of the water near the dump zone.
  •  She offers the group a small fee if this is the team’s first job with her. She offers a standard fee if they have already proven themselves.
  • The sewer section is located in Purifier territory.
  • The sewer entrance located below the 62nd Street overpass is used as an urchin camp. Dozens of homeless have setup a small market and use the sewer corridors to avoid the weather.
  • 4 homicides and 3 attacks have been linked to the camp in the last month. Previously there were no violent reports from the camp.
  • The reporter will provide a bonus for any additional evidence the team can provide in addition to the water sample that will help her story.


There are three ways to access the sewer system.

  1. 62nd Street Underpass (Room 1). There are a handful of stands selling street scraps, and a handful of urchins still use the corridor as their home. Most of the homeless have cleared out due to the recent violent attacks. ZipZap man’s one of the stalls selling street scrap. He will try to talk the players into buying something, even though he doesn’t have anything of value.
    An [Investigation Easy] success finds the blood stains left by the previous homicides. Behind a nearby box is a piece of a leg that has chew marks from large non-human teeth.
    A [Persuasion Average] success or a small bribe will convince ZipZap to show the players the entry of the sewer tunnels.
  2. Trilithium Runoff Canal (Room 2). Throughout the canal are gated sewer entries and runoff pipes dumping sewage into the canal.
    The CAZ entrance is marked, but accessing the gate requires a [Technology/Lock Pick Hard] success.
  3. Street Manhole Access. The team can access the CAZ sewer (Room 4) through one of the street side manhole access points.
    An [Agility Average] success will avoid suffering Minor Blunt Damage from dropping into the sewer from the street.


The sewers consist of a series of rooms attached by small waterways and canals. A long sluice carries water through the center of the center section, the source leading to under the TO building and the location of the chemical dump.

Points of Interest:

  • Water Drop Pool (Room 4) – In the ceiling of the room is a large pipe that periodically discharges a large amount of water. Roll a 6 sided die each time a player enters the basin. On a 6 water pours from the ceiling and anyone in the basin must succeed an [Agility Hard] test or be slammed to the tiles taking Minor Blunt Damage.
  • Maintenance (Room 3) – Zipzap won’t go any farther into the sewers than the maintenance zone. This room is filled with circuit panels, pump valves, and cleaning solution.
  • Waterways (Room 5) – Canals carry sewage down the waterways causing the walkways above to be damp and rusting. Faint signs of chemical run off can be found in the water, but not enough to get a viable sample for Gyn.
  • Electric Shock Pool (Room 6) – A chest high pool of water separates the two ladders on either side of the room. An [Observation Average] success reveals an electric wire that has dislodged from the roof and fallen into the water. Navigating through the water in between the electric shocks requires an [Agility Average] success. If caught in the pool during a discharge the players take Minor Electric Damage.
  • Main Waterway (Room 7) – Fast moving water falls down a short levy from the drain room preventing the players from climbing up the waterway. An [Observation Hard] success notices gnawing and scratching sounds coming from the adjacent drain room (Room 11)
  • Sewer Mutant (Room 8) – Hidden beneath the surface shallow stagnant waterway is an alligator that is now deformed and aggressive from the chemicals leaking into the sewers. The alligator will burst from the water attacking anyone who gets close to the water’s edge. If the players pass through the room without provoking the beast, it will grab the last player leaving the room and attempt to drag them back into the water.
  • Trapped Hallways (Room 9) – Water pools ankle deep lay throughout the hallways, and as the players approach either of the small indentions, a loud hiss and a jolt of electricity will burst from staged powerlines shocking anyone in the water for Average Electric Damage. An [Observation Hard] success can spot the traps, and a [Technology/Intelligence Easy] success can disarm them.
  • Techno Psycho Jarrl (Room 10) – After returning from war and on the verge of going psycho, Jarrl secluded himself into the sewers to protect others from his rampages. Using scraps he has found throughout the sewers, and only leaving when he must, he has created a small workshop with a satellite connection to the outside to try and cure his psychosis. If attacked he will go into a rage and attack back, otherwise Jarrl yells at the players to stay away and tries to remain non-violent.
  • Should the players speak with Jarrl, he will inform them of his current state of psychosis and that he hides in the sewer to protect himself from the Purifiers that roam the area. He will also provide the players with warning about the mutated beasts that have recently filled the sewers.
  • Rat Trap and Chemical Drain (Room 11) – Three pipes drain large quantities of water into the sewers from the back wall of the room. The third drain releases and acidic smell and the chemicals in question can be seen floating along the top of the water at the base of the drain. Here the players can collect Gyn’s chemical sample using a test tube or other sealable container.
  • An [Observation Hard] success will hear the gnarls and scratches of the approaching mutant rats. If the players don’t spot them however, the rats will attack from the shadows of the sewers as soon as they try to collect the sample.


If you are looking to extend the adventure, or your players found the encounter too easy, you can have them run into a group of Purifiers on their way out.

All the players need to get the promised payout from Gyn is the chemical sample from the drain room.

Possible ways to collect a bonus from Gyn could include samples from the defeated mutated creatures, video recording of the chemicals draining into the sewer, or an agreement from Zipzap to give an interview regarding the recent violence.

Looking to continue your adventure? Here are some consequences or events that may result from this adventure.

  • After Gyn publishes her story, TO will be looking to silence anyone involved including the players.
  • The team can sell the samples or information they have gathered to someone else who is not Gyn. This may cause Gyn to pursue the players, or the individuals they sell too may be secret TO agents.             
  • If the players killed Jarrl, his military friends might come looking for the players. If they didn’t kill him, then Jarrl can cure himself of his psychosis and become an ongoing NPC. Banner 2
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