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The 110th Floor Digital Battle Map

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The elevator ride is silent and fast as the gentle melody of the latest sucker who sold their soul to get paid wafts from the speakers.

It makes you want to throw up.

As the doors open, the elevator wishes you a pleasant day, and the adds for the latest reality tv brain drain program is projected in front of you in the hallway following you as you walk. A couple of suit and ties accidently stumble across your path just long enough to catch a glimpse of your dark jacket, bright hair, and spike bat in your hand, only to dart back into their office to avoid you. As you step up to the office door slamming the the spiked end of your abt against the glass it greets you. “Welcome to floor 110, Complaints Department.”

Floor 110 is a modern style Table Top RPG battle map perfect for Virtual Table Top systems or to be printed and used during your next game. The scene takes place in a shared space with multiple individual offices, separate rooms, data bank room, and maintenance space. The map is detailed with plenty of background items to initiate a fun and interesting session while non-descript in any specific titles to allow for easy drop in into any game.

The map aesthetic works great for games set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian, or modern urban setting.

floor 110


The pack includes a single map with lit and unlit versions, as well as a version without the grid. Also included is a tiled version to be used during your live session which can be printed on standard paper sizes.

Included in download:

  • Floor 110 map with and without grid
  • Floor 110 map without lights
  • Floor 110 layout only blueprint map
  • Floor 110 tiled map for printing to use with your live game with and without grid
  • All files are free of all watermarks and logos.


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