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Riot Night Digital Battle Map

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Riot Night! is a modern style Table Top RPG battle map perfect for Virtual Table Top systems or to be printed and used during your next game. The scene takes place outside of a large corporate headquarters. Security teams have setup barricades, crates, and vehicles to block the entrance into the building. Trash and fires have been thrown around the entrance, and just below the high walkway is a small street blocked by piles of junk.

The map is detailed with plenty of background items to initiate a fun and interesting session while non-descript in any specific titles to allow for easy drop in into any game. The map aesthetic works great for games set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian, or modern urban setting.


The pack includes a single map with lit and unlit versions, as well as a version without the crowd which can be used if you want to run a game without NPCs or if your players decide to sneak their way in instead of using a crowd.

Included in download:

  • Riot Night! map
  • Unlit full sized version
  • Full sized version without crowd
  • Full sized version without hurt officers or crowd
  • Tiled down version in 4 pieces for printing on standard 8.5×11 paper


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