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Night Club and Cafe Digital Battle Map


The glow from the slammer ads illuminate the hallway as you walk toward the sounds of the drums that are so loud they rumble the windows. Beads of light shoot across your body as you approach the wider than smarter giant at the entryway lens locking you. As you pass under the arch, a hubcap of a hand slaps into your chest.

“Brake for a nano, old tech’s got an ice bucket for a scanner.” He grunts from behind his mirror shades. “The organic is clean.” He says dropping his hand. “Enjoy your evening.”

The music blasts through the room as people hang from the second floor overlook trying to get a glimpse of the latest hit spitter on stage. 

“You bring it?” You hear from behind you as you lean against the bar waiting for the slag to get your droplets order. “You got it right?”

You give him a peek into your coat were the three axis hypo drill sits against your chest. “Just how me to the safe.” A grin crosses your face as you respond. “And get this drink slinger to hurry the hell up!”

Death on the Dance Floor is a modern style Table Top RPG battle map perfect for Virtual Table Top systems or to be printed and used during your next game. The scene takes place in a modern building that consists of a restaurant on one side, and a two story night club on the other. The are includes multiple tables, bars, offices, private rooms, vip area, a stage and large dance floor. The map is detailed with plenty of background items to initiate a fun and interesting session while non-descript in any specific titles to allow for easy drop in into any game.


The map aesthetic works great for games set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian, or modern urban setting.

The pack includes a single map with lit and unlit versions, as well as a version without the grid. All files are 240dpi. 

Included in download:

  • Night Club map with grid and without grid
  • Night Club map with and without lighting effects
  • Night Club is a 40×40 inch map at 240ppi.


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