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Future City Penthouse Digital Battle Map

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“Just grab the damn thing! Smash it if you have to!” 
“If the glass is tampered with the alarms will sound you meat sack. We have to crack the codes or the shinies will be on us before I can throw you off the balcony.”
The dim lights from the next room begin to brighten. “Shit! The speedlift is moving! Smash it and lets go!” The one armed lumbering cyber jock yelled before grabbing a chair and throwing it through the display.
“Get to the private lift! It’s the only way to the aero-pad!” The young hacker yelled grabbing the digital pad off the space suit. “And you better hope our ride is here or I will be throwing you off the damn building.

Product Description:

The Future City Penthouse is an urban battle map that takes place in an expensive executive suite that stretches across two buildings with a glass sky bridge linking the two. The map also includes two levels, the suite level and the rooftop helipad.
The entertaining and business side of the building contains an entry way with private and public access elevators, a business office, and a large room decked out with a bar, dj booth, and pool table. The area includes a pair of glass cases showing off some more expensive gear that would make great targets for a heist or infiltration mission.
On the quieter side of the suite is the personal kitchen which includes a case encased fire place and large aquarium, along with a bedroom suite and outdoor entertaining balcony. The rooms are equipped with plenty of small details to bring the game to life or help drive an entertaining night of story telling.

The map aesthetic works great for games set in a sci-fi, cyberpunk, dystopian, or any modern urban setting.

The pack includes a single map with two levels (the suite and private rooftop helipad), as well as a version with and without the grid. The pack also includes a black and white version of the map that can be used as a screenshot handout or to resize and print.

Included in download:
  • The Future City Penthouse map with grid is a 16×36 map at 300dpi.
  • The Future City Penthouse map without grid is a 16×36 map at 200dpi, perfect for VTT programs.
  • The black and white files have a grid with 1IN squares, and are 16×36 at 200dpi.


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