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Trying to Remember That One NPC? | NPC Cheat Sheet

One of the biggest struggles I have encountered running a TTRPG is the plethora of NPCs that will pop up throughout the game. Meme after meme now fill the internet proclaiming the inevitability that your players will ask every random character in your worlds name. They will. The NPC cheat sheet will help you be prepared!

The sheet works in two ways, as a prepared reference document and as an organized note sheet during the game.

A little planning can help keep your session moving.

If you have an idea of where your party will be heading in the next session, you can prep a handful of NPCs to grab once your players ask the dreaded question. Using the cheat sheet, you can detail out as much, or as little, as you think you will need for each NPC.

Fill in the blanks so that next time your party asks about Georgio LaBlatt, you know exactly where to find them.

Having a page of NPC blocks with just a name handy will help you be able to keep the game running smoothly, but not lock you into a specific NPC. As the players meet new individuals and the NPCs are fleshed out naturally through the game you can easily record the key information on the organized sheet for later reference.

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